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Big John Tree Transplanter Mfg., Inc.

Big John Tree

Will Humphreys, vice-president of Big John Tree Transplanter Manufacturing, Inc. credits Commercial News USA with generating qualified leads for Big John that have led to sales. Moreover, he says, the pattern of leads from around the world has provided the company with invaluable market research. In the past year, Big John has entered new markets in Canada, Iran, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, Spain, The United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, The Ukraine and Vietnam. “Currently we are working on establishing customers and distributors in all of these countries in addition to China, India, Turkey, Malaysia and The Philippines. Later this year we expect to solidify distributorship relationships in several Central and South American countries also,” says Humphreys. Looking ahead, Big John sees continued growthpotential overseas. “The world is becoming increasingly interdependent and we at Big John welcome the opportunity to assist our customers wherever they may be,” says Humphreys.

Will Humphreys Vice President – Big John Tree Transplanter Mfg., Inc.

First Priority Emergency Vehicles

First priority

“The average guy looking to export thinks it’s going to be a big, expensive headache. It’s not as hard a road to go down as you think. Commercial News USA is an affordable way to get started, with worldwide visibility and leads that can often lead to deals without even having to travel. The magazine is a great tool for companies that want to expand into new markets, and the reality is: Who can afford not to be active in the international marketplace?”

Robert Freeman President First Priority Emergency Vehicles

Rainbow Play Systems


“During the past three years, we have signed one distributor per year thanks to our presence in Commercial News USA. This is a great ratio as no other single promotional source has returned this kind of results. For the price, the reach, and the results, this is one of our best promotional tools. In terms of ROI, Commercial News USA delivers. One sale will pay for a full year’s worth of advertising. If you’re looking for an economical way to gain exposure worldwide, Commercial News USA is an excellent starting point.”

Alberto Rodriguez-Baez Vice President, International Marketing & Sales Rainbow Play Systems



“Commercial News USA – the official export promotion magazine of the U.S. Department of Commerce – has been an integral part of Crestcom’s marketing strategy since 2001. Commercial News USA has consistently provided results to help grow Crestcom internationally. Today, Crestcom has more than 150 licensees on six continents in 50 countries around the world. It would have taken us a lot longer to attain this kind of international growth without an advertising campaign in Commercial News USA.”

Kelly Krause Vice President of International Marketing & Development – Crestcom



U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez joined President Bush at the White House in May to present Vitamec USA Inc. of Van Nuys, Calif., with the Presidential ‘E’ Award for excellence in exporting. “Vitamec is helping to keep America competitive in the global marketplace. I commend them for contributing to last year’s record in goods and services. Thanks to Vitamec and the thousands of others that compete in the global market, U.S. exports last year rose 12.6 percent over the previous year to more than $1.6 trillion making an important contribution to U.S. economic growth,” said Gutierrez. The “E” Award is the highest honor the federal government can give to American people, firms or organizations that have made significant contributions to the increase of American exports. This marks the 46th Anniversary of the Presidential E-Award created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. “Vitamec USA Inc. is honored to be receiving this E-Award. We greatly appreciate the federal and state export assistance programs that have been a driving force behind our success in international markets,” said Viken Momdjian, president Vitamec USA. “Through this assistance, children from around the world have been able to enjoy Mr. Tumee, the innovative line of children’s gumee supplements.” Much of Vitamec’s export growth is a direct result of advertising in Commercial News USA, the Commerce Department’s export promotion magazine. “If you are looking for international exposure for your product, the Commercial News USA magazine is your best bet,” said Momdjian. Vitamec ( launched the “Mr. Tumee” line of children’s gumee vitamins in 2001. Mr. Tumee is pectin-based, with 100% natural flavors; is vegan certified; and comes in a variety of formulas, flavors, and shapes. To satisfy the many different tastes of children and their parents around the world, the Mr. Tumee line was expanded to include sugar free and certified organic gumees. Because of its success with Mr. Tumee, Vitamec USA has launched three new children's supplements called Space Gummies, Gummi King and Primovitamins. These products also have achieved significant success in international markets. “These innovative products,” said Momdjian, “have brought much excitement to children in Iraq, Jordan, Indonesia, Morocco, and many others as they share the healthy lifestyle and fun of their counterparts in the United States.”


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