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1. What is your Job Category?
Executive Management (Chairman, President, Owner, Partner, General Manager, Managing Director, CEO, COO, CFO)
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Other Professional Management (Lawyer, Doctor, Professor, Government, NGO, Non-Profit)
Non-Management (Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Intern)

2. What is the principal business activity of your company or organization?
Industry (Purchasing)
Representative / Distributor
Trade Association
Export Trading Company

3. How many employees work for your company?
More than 500

4. How much does your company spend each year on products and services from other countries?
Less than $100,000
More than $1,000,000

5. How comfortable are you reading documents written in English?
Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
Not comfortable at all

6. Where does your company currently import products from (check all that apply)?
Asia Pacific (except China)
Central America
European Union
Middle East
South America
United States

7. Do you personally make purchasing decisions?

8. How many people in your company read each issue of Export USA?
More than 6

9. How would you rate the relevancy of Export USA to your business?
Very relevant
Somewhat relevant
Not relevant

10. How many purchases have you made from companies as a result of reading Export USA?
More than 10

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161491928 Jewelry
115572015 International CES
11719422 Sales
100014C Foods Corporation
1192484 Lumber Company
11994A & M Industrial
11736A Plus Corporation
16611A+ Corporation
16140A-Plus Corporation
16554A. K. Suda, Inc.
10005A. Rifkin Co.
12318AAA AutoExport
11864Aalborg Instruments & Controls
11848AAPEX Show
16304Abbe Faria Consulting LLC
16020Abbey International Enterprises
16099ABC Compounding Co., Inc.
12340ABC Kids Expo
16328ABT, Inc.
12183Accu-Time Systems Inc.
10013Accumetric LLC
11900Accurate Sound Corporation
16641ACE Compressor Parts & Service Inc.
12483Ace Pump Corporation
12353Ace Wire Spring & Form Co. Inc.
16315ACG Inc.
11685Action Bullet Resistant
10018Action Graphix
16580Adaptiv Technologies LLC
10019Addison Biological Laboratory Inc.
12385Adroit Medical Systems
11713Advance Products & Systems
10459Advanced Coating Systems Inc.
16761Advanced Superabrasives Inc.
12350Advanced Textiles Conference
16022Advantage PressurePro
12184Adventus Group
10029Aero Tec Laboratories Inc.
10032Afassco Inc.
12590Affordable Quality Pharmaceuticals
12006Agel Enterprises
10037AgraCo Technologies International
11827Agropec Trading Inc.
16016Aguirre Holdings LLC dba Mostly Memories
12426AIM Automotive Technology Group
12427AIM Environmental Technology Group
12060AIM Software Systems Inc.
12029Air Scent
12102AIRAYA Corp.
12117AIV Inc.
16407AJES Pharmaceutical LLC
16524Alabama Department of Commerce
16545Aladdin Light Lift
16108All Foam Products Co.
16095Allegheny Printed Plastics
12133Alliance Energy Co.
16748Alliance Solutions Group, Inc.
16512Allmand Brothers
12395Almost Heaven Group
11888Alpha Medical Instruments LLC
11779Alpine Armoring Inc.
11838ALSA Corporation
16767Alva-Amco Pharmacal Companies, Inc.
12378Alvatour Travel & Services
12207Ambulance Network
16672American Biosystems, Inc.
12127American Decorative Concrete Supply Co.
10066American Dryer
10067American Exchange Ltd.
16694American Food Exporters
12077American Forensic Technologies
11532American Innovations
16138American Instants Inc.
16235American Instants Inc.
16082American International Distributors, Inc.
12136American Lubricating Co.
10078American Niagara
11678American Public Transportation Expo
11923American Red Cross
16589American Screening Corporation
11837American Shelter Technologies
12402American Shoes Co.
12146American Signal Co.
11674American Supply Services
10082American Technocrete
16806American Technocrete
10083American Thermal Instruments Inc.
10084American Trading International, Inc.
11726American Vehicles and Company
16402American Velodur
12047American Water Chemicals Inc.
11563American Water Works Assn (AWWA)
16519American Welding & Tank
12496American Wind Energy Association/Wind Power 2009
12196Americas Food and Beverage Show
11673AmeriClean International Inc.
11854Amerirus Exports Inc.
12299Amex World Trade Corp.
16513AMF Development
11967Amfit Inc.
16361Amlan International
10095Amtrat International Corporation
16678Analytics Corporation
12342Andes Chemical Corp.
16679Andromeda Systems, Inc.
16532Anresco Laboratories
11829Antistatic Industries
16268Anytime Fitness LLC
11986APCO International Inc.
11979Apex Engineering
12405Apex Powersports
11937Apollo Security
12365Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)
16448Appolos, Inc.
10112Apure-Success Products USA
16577Aqua Blue Water Purification Specialists
16092Aqua Creek Products LLC
11895Aqua Massage Intl. Inc.
10114Aqua Purification Systems
12343Aquatech International Corporation
16206Aquatic Bio
11655Aquatic Bio Control
12312AquaVida USA
16416AR Industries
12449Argo Transdata Corporation
16417Arizona Investment & Trading LLC Fikks Energy Drink
16803Arkay Distributing Inc.
11883Arlon, Silicone Technologies
16640Armag Corporation
12121Armen Art Inc.
12210Arnet Pharmaceuticals
12107Around the Rings
10127Artcrete Inc.
12394Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
16261Ashton Industries, Inc.
12169ASIS International
12283Aster Bio
16782Atlanta Light Bulbs, Inc.
16189Atlantis International, Inc.
10141Atlas Link Inc.
16058Atlas Medical Technologies
12302Atlas Packaging & Displays
10143Atlas Specialty Lighting
12601Aubrey Organics
12064Audit XL Software
16460Augusta Industries Inc.
16257Aurora Casket Company
16035Auto Parts Clearinghouse of America
11905Automation Alley
11550Automotive International Inc.
16290Automotive Performance Export
16543Available Plastics, Inc.
11921Aventure Aviation
12346Axis Overseas LLC
12517B & B Expositions - MATTECH
11723B & M Healthcare Technologies Inc.
16009B. W. Darrah, Inc.
16552Baker Sales, Panama LLC
16150Balqon Corporation
16544Baron Services
11081Battery Doctors
12186Bauer Inc.
16027Bauer International Corporation
12377BAX Global
10172Bay Corporation
12082Beach Russ Co.
11765Bechtel Software Inc.
16494BEDIENT Pipe Organ Company
16088Bedol International Group, Inc.
11812Bee Line
16423Bee-Line Corp.
10177Beehive Botanicals Inc.
16396Bellefit Maternity
16313Bemo USA
16021Berklay Cargo
16311Bernard's Fulfillment
16542Best Bolt & Nut (Division of IPS Corp.)
10188BESTECH, Inc.
16661BestSole Inc.
16103Bethany Pharmacal Company Inc.
11882Better Packages Inc.
11855Better Water Inc.
16780BeWell USA, Inc.
12224Big John Tree Transplanter Manufacturing Inc.
10198Bio-Genesis Technology Inc.
10201Bio-Microbics Inc.
16326BioChrom Labs, Inc.
16389Biocleaner, Inc.
10200Biomerica Inc.
16746Bion Research
10206Bird Gard LLC
10208Bissell Inc.
12109BJ's Wholesale Club
10209Black Jack Tire Repair
16018Black-Jack Grout Pumps
16144Blackburn Mfg. Company
16428Blackheart International, LLC
16772Blaze Clear Wick
12271Blue Arrow Inc.
16368Blue Diamond Technologies, Inc.
16503Blue Ox
11957Blue Valley Machine and Manufacturing Co.
16380Boca Bearing Inc.
16126Bohl Iron Works
12197Bon Chef
16391Bongo International
16384BooBooLoon® - Headroom Limited Inc. USA
16556Boschma Research, Inc.
10224BOSCOGEN® Inc.
16120Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc.
12187Bovano of Cheshire
12282Bradford Products LLC
10227Bradford White Corp.
16162Bradley Corp
12373Bradley International Airport
11943Brake Roller Company
11806Brand Network
12032Brasch Manufacturing Co.
16575Brava Gourmet
10231Breeze Industrial Products
16370Brewco Inc.
12052Bridgepoint Technologies Inc.
16266Brightness Massage Incorporated
10235Brightstrike Export Trading Co.
16239Broker Power Inc
16152Brookdale Medical
16482Bruckman Rubber Co.
12574BTE Import-Export
12317BTL Electronics
11635BTS Industries
16699Buffet Enhancements International, Inc.
12349BuildBlock® Building Systems
10250Burston Incorporated (Miss Webril)
16788C&M Duty Free Inc.
11886C. L. Sturkey Inc.
11942CA Botana Intl. Inc.
10257Cadie Products Corp.
12444Calculated Industries
11861Caledonia Diesel
12057California Governor’s Office Of Business and Economic Development
11932California School of English
12007California State University East Bay
10260CalorIQue Ltd.
11704Cambridge College
16011Campbell Quality Water Systems Products
16644Campbellsville Industries, Inc.
10264Campus Crafts
10265Candle Lamp Company
12307Candy Bouquet International
16223Canidae® & Felidae® All Natural Pet Foods
12280Capital One N.A.
12476Carbis Inc.
11926Card Mart Plus USA Inc.
11721Cardamation Co. Inc.
12415Cardinal Resources
16097Carolina Stair Supply
11863Carpenter Bus Sales, Export Dept.
16702Carts Blanche, LLC
10276Catalytic PURE AIR
10278CAW Industries Inc.
11689CBA Environmental
12324CC Pollen
12569CDS - John Blue Company
12279CellAntenna Corp.
12547Cemen Tech
16173Cenegenics, Inc.
12293Center for International Trade Development (CITD)
12372Center for Intl Business Education and Research (CIBER)
12366Centiva by International Floors of America Inc.
16172Central Boiler
16399Cévan International
10286Cevan Nutritionals
12112CF Export Inc.
16541Chair Slippers
16472CHARGE Anywhere LLC
12599Charlotte Colloid Mills
10295Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blends, LLC
16238Chef Valentine
16038Chemlube International, Inc.
12100Chemtrac Systems Inc.
12403Cherokee Adventures Inc.
11858Chocolate Printing Company
12004Church's Chicken International
10304Cinema Beaute' Inc.
11770CK Franchising - Comfort Keepers
11639Clabber Girl Corporation
11880Classic Consumer Products Inc.
11881Classic Products
12440Clawson Machine
11876Clean Burn Inc.
16378Clear Image Devices
11825Clear Solutions
11925Clevis Bend
12329Clippership RV
11836CLP Group LLC
11716CMF Corporation
16096CMS Communications
11814Coastline Exporters
10320Cobat Co. Inc.
16032Coletti International Corp
12469Collection 2000 Cosmetics, Inc.
11899Colorex Chemical Company Inc.
16558Combustion Associates, Inc.
12593Comco, Inc.
12534ComForcare Senior Services
16164Commercial Construction Magazine
16704Complete Inspection Systems, Inc.
11920Composite Building Structures LTD
11992Compurex Systems
12485Concrete Solutions Inc.
16333Concrete Solutions, Inc.
16060Conical Tool Co.
12487Connecticut Spring & Stamping
16657Conscious Security, Inc.
11767Consolidated Inventory Supply, Inc.
16546Constantine Engineering, Inc.
11656Construction Materials International
11775Contours Express
16689Conveyor Components Company
12367Corley Manufacturing Co.
16537Corporate Warehouse Services
12078Correct Building Products
12359Cosmic Pet Products
12356Costex Tractor Parts
11821CottonFloZ LLC
12498Cougar Electronics Corp.
16265CPD Electronics Inc.
10351CRA International Co.
12286Crais Management Group LLC / Merrill Lynch
12319Crane & Machinery Inc.
16526Creative Concepts, Inc.
12219Creative Industries
12456Creative Material Technologies
16523Creative Materials Technology
16797Creative Tent International
12463CREOSO Corp.
12420Crestwood Pools, Inc
10359Crown Automotive Sales
16792Cryotherapy Products Inc.
16669Crystal Quest® Manufacturing
11567CTIA-The Wireless Association
16639Cunningham Golf Car Co.
16470Curb Appeal
16171Curry Supply Company
16160Custom Industrial Products, Inc.
16051Cycles R Us
12400Cyclops Industries
11869Damage Prevention Concept
12144Danville Industries LLC
16547Darrell Harp Enterprises, Inc.
12270Datrex Inc.
16381Dave’s Gourmet
11944DCD Technologies Inc.
16330Decker Design Company/Ergotrans
16560DeepSouth Hardware Solutions, LLC
12471DEL Ozone
12106DeltaTRAK Inc.
11745Dental Procedures Inc.
11945Derma E Natural Body Care
10384Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories, Ltd.
16571Derricks Jamaican Cuisine
16496Design Plastics Inc.
16454DHL Express
11712Diamond Herpanacine
11941Dick Bowden
12588Diemold International, Inc.
11813Dieselcraft Division of Magnum Group
10394Dimensional Plastics Corp.
11751Directory of U.S. Importers/Exporters
12062Discount Computer Supplies
12054Diversified Coatings Inc.
11727Diversified Marketing Solutions Inc.
16676Diversified Nutri-Agri Technologies
11852DMB Trading Co. Inc.
16773Doberman Security
16668Dorothy Prentice Aromatherapy Inc.
16810Dot Global
16017Dr. Shrink, Inc.
12174Dry Erase Plus / JML Products and Design
16568DSC Dredge
16387Dually Drain Pan
12033DuBois Marketing Inc.
16286Dultmeier Sales
16230Dunlap Intl
16508Duo Lift Manufacturing Company
16708DuraComm Corporation
16587DuraTech USA, Inc.
16720Durham Manufacturing
10415Dyna-Flex International
10416Dynamic Health Laboratories Inc.
16005Dynatest Consulting Inc.
12401E-Z UP
10420E.N. Murray Foam Fabrications
10423Eagle Thermoplastics
12382Earth Creations Inc.
12325Earthmovers Inc.
12285Earth’s Creation USA
12508Easy Bar Kiln Tire Bore Lube
10432Eco Scientific Inc.
16003Ed Machado Intellidyne LLC
11934Eduwhere/Keika Ventures
11784Edwards Global Services Inc.
10441Eischen Enterprises Inc.
16233Ekulo Distribution Co
12309Elastec / American Marine
16717Ele Loader
10442Electric Eel Manufacturing Co. Inc.
16211Elite Crete Systems, Inc.
12288Elmer Candy Corporation
12578Elmer's Products Inc.
12314Emisare - High Point Market
10457ENECON Corporation
16597ENECON SpeedAlloy
10460Ener-Tec Inc.
12166Energy International Inc.
16385Enertia Building Systems, Inc.
16574Engine Starting Systems
12149Engineered Plastic Systems
11835Ensco Inc.
11672Enviro-Blast Svc.
11074Enviro-Systems Inc.
12079Envirologic - Spillaway Brands
16608Environmental Catalyst Technology
10466Environmental Dynamics Inc.
11805Environmental Equipment
16296Epic Translations
10472Eppico Inc.
12003Equiade Inc.
12391Equinox Group Inc.
11830Equinox Trading Co.
11632Equipment Supply Corp. (ESCO)
11922Erik M. Pelton, Attorney at Law
12059ES Cosmetics
16635ESI Total Fuel Management
16191ESP USA
16008Esschem, Inc.
16756Estad Stamping
12116Etcetera International Inc.
11857Eternity International
16117Everbrite Electronics, Inc.
11724EverReady First Aid
12019Evertek Corporation
12010EXAIR Corporation
12022Exair Corporation
12021Exair Corporation
16776Exair Corporation
16796Exair Corporation
16078Excel Dryer, Inc.
16621Excelsior International
12168Executive Wood Products Inc.
11916Export Yellow Pages
16331Exteria Building Products
16166EZ Spot UR
12568EZ-Step, Inc.
16739FaceLube For Men
11735Farmington Engineering
16004Farzaneh Law Firm
16462Fastener Specialty, Inc.
16550Faulks Game Call Co. Inc
10501FCI Watermakers
12068FDC Vitamins
16652Feather-Light Technologies LLC
11860Federated Department Stores
16079Filter Technology, Inc.
16673Finger Shield Safety Products LLC
16446Finish Kare Products
16010Firmagen, Inc.
10210First Defense Nasal Screens
16681First Line Technology
12495First Priority Emergency Vehicles
12453Fit Express, Inc.
12399Five Star Products Inc.
12080Floor Safety USA
16155Florida Export Directory
11571FMI - Food Marketing Institute
16783FocusM World Consultancy
16199Food Marketing Institute
11681Food Reserves, Inc.
16104Food Tools, Inc.
11998Foot Solutions
12404Formsoft Development Corp.
16267Fortier Engineering
16625Foster Marketing
16167Fountain Head Marketing
16414Franchise Source
12445Franklin Bronze Plaques
16415Free Conference Call
11910FreeLife International
12220French Oil Mill Machinery Co.
11973Fruta Vida Products International
11504Fun Products USA
16252Furniture Brands
16471Furniture for Export
16373Fuzion Technologies Inc.
16599Gamer Grub
10534GAMMA Technologies
11815Garcia International Corp.
10540Garrett Metal Detectors
16386GB Daily Care Corporation
12345GBC Materials-Div. of Morgan Advanced Ceramics
11778Gear Expo
11774Gebauer Company
12479Gekko, Inc.
10545General Environmental Science Corp.
10546General Packaging Equipment Co.
16306General Patent Corporation
11875Generon IGS Inc.
16736Genesis Enterprises, LLC
16724Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.
12216GeoAmericas 2008
10554George Nikiforov Inc.
16481George Risk Industries
16551Geoshield Window Films
12513Giant Biosensor
12540Gibraltar Lubricating Services, Inc.
16438Gilad & Gilad LLC
12364Global Executive Solutions
11930Global Healing Center Inc.
10566Global Instruments Ltd.
12603Global Nexport
11962Global Partners Intl. Exports
12129Global Portfolio Investments Financial Network
11843Global Strategy Inc.
11948GlobalTel IP
12045GLT Products
16151Goalsetter Systems
10573Gold Cast Products
10576Gold Medal Products Company
12455GoldenWest Lubricants Inc.
12208Golf Car Connection
10584Goodway Technologies Corp.
16570Gramma Betty’s Chocolate Company
12386Grandfather Mountain
10590Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia Inc.
16464Great Western Exports
11556Greater New York Dental Meeting
12291Green Island Brands Inc.
16751Green Roof Outfitters
16430GREEN SAGE Eco Products
16605Gripnail Fastening Systems
11991Gruber Systems Inc.
12579Guardian Traffic Systems
16294Guided Therapeutics, Inc.
12137Gulf Coast Tankless Hot Water Inc.
10602Gymboree Play Programs Inc.
16628Gyrus Systems
10603H2O International Inc.
11528Haddon Corporation
16076Haight Pump
12446Hair & Accessories, Inc.
10607Halsik Limited
11982HandyHanger LLC
11906Harris Instrument Corporation
12361Harry E. Smith & Associates
16499Hastings HVAC, Inc.
16585Hawaii Kai
10624Health Enterprises, Inc.
16175Health Essist
11828Health Postures LLC
10625Health Products Corp.
16449Hearth & Home Modular System
16501Heartland Gourmet
16509Heat Trace Products
16220Helical Wire Inc.
12598Help Outsourcing
16697Henderson Sewing Machine Co. Inc.
16752Henningsen Foods
12522Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.
10636Herr's Foods Inc.
12362Herwin Inc.
16264Hesser Associates International, LLC
16656Hexagon Technologies
16161Hi-Tech Hoist Corp
16665High Valley Stoves
16654Highlands Diversified Services
10643Hirsch Pipe & Supply Co.
10646HITP Global Inc.
16084HME, Incorporated
11702Home Depot International Sales & Exports
11995Homewatch CareGivers
15962Hoosier Gasket, Inc.
16075Horner APG
16733Hornsby Steel, Inc.
11912Hoss Equipment Company
12374HSBC National Bank Corp.
10658Hunter Products
16510Hurd Windows&Doors
10659Hurley Chicago Company Inc.
12306Hurst Boiler
12131Husqvarna Construction Products
12132Hyalogic LLC
10662Hyde Tools
12188Image Graphics Inc.
10684Impac International
12173Impact Enterprises Inc.
12536ImpEx of Doral, Inc.
16158Independence Tube
16468Indiana Botanic Gardens Inc. Botanic Choice
12024Indumar Products, Inc.
12084Indumar Products, Inc.
16528Induron Coatings
11977Industrial Scientific
10670Industrial Tube Cleaning (ITC)
11725InfoComm International
12073InfoSight Corporation
16209Innovative Global Supply - Americas
11650Innovative Products Inc.
12170InSite Solutions LLC
12167Insulating Coatings Corp.
16113Integrated Business Concepts, Inc. (IBCI)
16774Integrity Life Sciences
11750Interact Communications, Inc.,
16034Interexchange Trading Firm, LLC
10710Interface Financial Corp.
12061International Assoc. for Exhibition Management (IAEM)
12026International Assoc. of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA)
12596International Association of Plumbing
11981International Environmental Technologies LLC
11762International Franchise Association
11515International Franchise Expo (IFE)
16502International Nutrition
12320International Quote
10721International Research & Development
12046International Sign Association (ISA)
16603International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP)
16360International Trade Center SBDC
11959International Wireless Communications Expo
12516International Wireless Communications Expo
12001Interstate Bus Sales Inc.
12407Intromark Inc.
11651IPC APEX Expo
16176Irrometer Co.
10728ISE Cards Inc.
16375ITSI-Biosciences, LLC
16445ITW Sexton
12250IT•STRAPS•ON, Inc.
12212J & J Manufacturing
16015J W Jones Company
16764J. Brasch Co., LLC
16146J. McCoy Lumber Co.
16626J.C. International
12009J.L. International
11517Jani-King International Inc.
10743Jant Pharmacal Corp.
16398JAS Marketing Inc.
12141JCK Events
11936JDV Products
12379Jeannette Specialty Glass
16180Jeff Gleckman
16609Jennings & Associates Communications, Inc.
11911JFK Import Export LLC
11927JHA Simulations Inc.
12217JKP Concepts
16012JN-International Medical Corporation
11769Johnson Marketing & Management
16594Jonathan Park Development, Ltd.
16107Jones Exhaust Systems
12063Jones Truck Sales
12072JP Specialties Inc. / Earth Shield Waterstop
16334JumpStart Consultants, Inc.
12215Juniper Systems Inc.
16141Just Aircraft, LLC
12040Just Parts Inc.
10756Justice Brothers
12336KAFKO International
12128Kali Global Inc.
12050Kalmatron Corporation
12406Kanawha Scales & Systems
10760Kathy Dallas Cosmetic Corp.
11909Kathy Farmer & Associates Inc.
11996Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation
12411Kellett Enterprises, Inc
12592Kelly Power Services, LLC
16420Kennedy Manufacturing
16671Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development
16321Kesmac Brouwer
10770Keystone Industries Inc.
16142Keytroller, LLC
16441Kimlor Mills, Inc.
12443Kleer Lumber
12031Klever Kutter
16495KLG International USA, Inc.
16105Klinge Corportaion
16401KMI Group
16719Knox Kershaw Inc.
16564Kusters Water
12151Kwaplah International
10780Kwik-Way Products Inc.
11983L & R Enterprizez
11846L.A. Weight Loss Centers
16147La Caja China
12335Label Vision Systems Inc.
12316Labertew & Associates LLC
10786Laboratory Technologies Inc.
12287Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission
11787Lago Logistics
16786Laguna Candles, LLC
11877Lake Country Manufacturing Co.
16808Lake Industries
16809Lake Industries
10789Lake Industries Company
11993Lakeland Boatworks Inc.
12209Landmark Tower LP
12065Laopan Inc.
16794Latin Auto Parts Expo
12341Latrobe Foundry Machine & Supply Company
11742Lawrence S. Moy, MD
16374Lawson Industries
16690LD Distribution Services, LLC
16533Leaf Brands
10801Learning Resources
16802Lee Products Company
16050Legacy Companies
11953LEK Shelters
10803Lenco Armored Vehicles
10812Lexington International
16033Libbey, Inc.
16607Lido di Manhattan Products
10813LIFE Corporation
16487Lifemiracle USA
10814Lifetime Products Inc.
10815Lifetrend Inc.
16666Lightwave Manufacturing & Services LLC
16559Line-X Protective Coatings
12503Link New Tech Inc.
11968Link Trading Co.
16747Linoma Software
10820Litebeams Inc.
12321LiteTouch Inc.
12194Liteway Inc. (Fiber Optic Transmission Systems)
11699Little Caesars Pizza
12368Little Cottage Co.
16516Littlite LLC
12177Louisiana Economic Development
11797Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Expo (LAGCOE)
11782Lumax-Div. of World Wide Welding
10834LW Scientific Inc.
12531LWT - Liquid Waste Technology
11849Lyco Manufacturing
12505Lynk Inc.
11816M and M Innovations Inc.
16572M-Tech International Corporation
11824M.A.M.I. USA
16256Mach Oil Inc.
11914Madix Inc.
16745Madkem Logistics Inc.
11581Magic International
10847MagnaPlan Corporation
12289Magnolia Metal and Plastic Products
16159Majestic Drug Co
16354MAK Global LLC
16382Make-up Designory/MUD Cosmetics
12600Manheim Export
11811MarChem Coated Fabrics Inc.
16148Marco Products Company
16511Marketing Arm International
16515Markex Global
16517Martech Research
10862Mason Corporation
16042Mason Vitamins
16778Masterpiece Consultants LLC
12484Material and Contract Services - LLC
12576Mathews Company
12357Matrix Pro-Systems
16030Matthews Studio Equipment
11720Maui Wowi Hawaiian
16565Maxim Evaporators
12518Maxxon Corporation
16329MayDay Health
10866McLean International Marketing Inc.
11525MD Science Lab LLC
12277MDX Electronics LLC
10869Medcorp International
12179Medcorp International
16437Medcorp International
16504Medcorp International/Neotech Products
16486Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products
12421Medical Coaches
16741Medical Export Services of Louisiana, L.L.C.
16576Medicool, Inc.
11833Memorial Regional Hospital
12066Mensana Clinic Diagnostics
16463Meridian Finance Group
12462Meridian Synapse Corporation
16421Mesa Verde
16696Met One Instruments
16434Metal Recources LLC
10883Meter-Man Inc.
12371Metro Hartford Alliance
10886Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner
12478Meyer Industries/Rodenator
16619Mezzo Technologies
12511MHS Industrial Enterprise Inc./Chap-Up Delight
16451Michael Todd Cosmetics
12428Mico Machines
12275Microwave Roasters Inc.
16632MicroXact Inc.
16061Midway USA
12290Midwest Industrial Sales
16040Midwest Products Co., Inc.
16106Milan Box Corporation
16647Milhous Company
16595Military Truck Parts, Inc.
12472MillCreek Botanicals, USA
16762Miller Weldmaster
11729Millwork Direct Inc.
16436Mine Shield, LLC
15960Miner Elastomer Products Corporation
16473Miracle Sealants Company
16447Miramont Estate Winery
12344Mist Cooling
11969Mitchell Products
11722MK Digital Direct
16711MMI Outdoor
12419Mobile Concepts by Scotty
10905Modern Chemical
12597Mondial Trade Compliance Services & Solutions, Inc.
16461Montani Cosmetics Inc.
16081Montgomery Mfg. Co.
16728Morgan Fuel
11675Morse Group
16557Motion Industries
16566Motivatit Seafoods
16302Moving Water Industries
16094MPD Medical, Inc.
12539Mr. Pretzels
12390MRO Warehouse Inc.
16763MultiDrain Systems, Inc.
11952Multimedia Inc.
12499Muralo Paint Company
16805MyChelle Dermaceuticals
16715NAB Automation
12589Nakao International C&E
11731National Assoc. of Manufacturers (NAM)
12502National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Inc.
11586National Association of Broadcasters
10929National Association of Home Builders
11792National Confectioners Association Sweets&Snacks Expo
10931National Energy Control Corp.
12506National Health Care Inc.
12199National Restaurant Association
10933National Restaurant Association
12113National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA)
12043Nationwide Equipment
11648Nationwide Medical/Surigcal Inc.
11587Natural Products Expo East
16349Natural Products Expo East
10936Nature Plus Inc.
16297Nature's Gifts
10937Nature's Passion International
16145Nature's Sources LLC
16655NaugaNeedles LLC.
11692NAVEX Inc.
16165NDA Distributors, LLC
10941NDC Laboratories
16721Neal Tindol Tire
16493Nebraska Dept. of
Economic Development
16435Nebraska Plastics, Inc.
16237NEI Natural Enrichment Industries
12509Nemat International, Inc.
12504Neptune Technology Group Inc.
10949Network Technologies Inc.
11817Neutrex Inc.
12530New England Braiding Company
10950New England Door
11891New Horizons Learning Centers
16505New Waste Concepts
16771New Way Trucks
12204New York Institute of Finance/Pearson
16429NewCom International
11915Newton & Associates
16110Nexus Resin Group, LLC
16295Nimbus Water International
16477NMC Power Systems
12176No-Bull Enterprises LLC
16573Noni Farms
16041NonLethal Technologies, Inc.
12532Nor E First Response, Inc.
12528Nordic Naturals
10964Noren Products
10966Norland International
10967Norpro Inc.
16584North America Food Company (A division of CI Champions, LLC)
11671North American Oil Co.
12070North American Tool Corporation
10975Northern Tool + Equipment
16066Northstar Falcon Industries LLC
11820Novelty Manufacturing
16467Novi Foods International
12326Now Foods International
12510Nowak Products Company
11589NPE World Plastics Showcase
12529NSM Surveillance
12595Nuclear Plant Journal
10982Numonics Corporation
11636Nutra-Lift Skin Care/ Younger You Inc.
11897Nutrina Co. Inc.
16789Nutrition’s Prides
11902O.S. Walker Magnetics
10985O2 Technologies Inc.
12429Oak Designs, Inc.
10986Oakworks Inc.
10987Oatey Co.
12369OC Inc.
11786Ocean Interface Company
10515Odorite International Inc.
16408Oil Eater
12273OK Car Sales
12473Omana Group, LLC
12211Omni Specialty Packaging
16458Omni Wholesale Equipment Inc.
16757OmniSystems, Inc.
16479ONLINE Engineering Inc.
16037Ontouch Inc.
11890OpenBook Learning Inc.
10993Opinionmeter Inc.
16800Orange Tax Services
16498Origin Engines
12267OrionCase LLC
12322ORTEGA-FRANCO Export Agency
16122Osmosis Technology (Osmotik)
12571Ottawa Global Logistics and IT Group
16007Outback Steakhouse International
16646Outdoor Venture Corporation
12383OVRDC/Appalachian Adventure Trail
11868Oxford Alloys Inc.
10996Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI)
12389P & D Creative Company Inc.
11078Pacer Technology / Pro Seal Products
11717Pacific Import/Export LLC
11003Padco Inc.
16703Page&Jones Inc.
11004Palladio Beauty Group
16394Pan Abode Cedar Homes
12002Panola Pepper Corporation
11007Papa John's International Inc.
12115Paris Foods Corporation
12381PBM Inc.
11018PDQ Precision Inc.
16232Peak Beam
12396Peck Marine Terminal
12413Penn United Technologies
11024Pentair Water
11026Pepin Manufacturing Inc.
16638Peptides International Inc.
16765610Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC
16765Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC
16663Perma-Type Rubber
11030Phamatech, Inc.
12294Pharmaceutical Trade Services Inc.
16682Phoenix Group
11038PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.
16674Phthisis Diagnostics
12512Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc.
11045Pioneer Lock Corporation
16485Pitstop International
16281Planet Beach Franchising Corporation
15999Plank Enterprises, Inc.
12535Plasma Etch
16561Platinum Food Service
11052PlayPower Inc.
16119PMTC Corporation
16540Pod Pack
16224Polaris Sales Company Inc.
12408Poly Conversions Inc.
12300Port of Greater Baton Rouge
12296Port of Houston Authority
12276Port of New Orleans
11878Port of Stockton
12303Port-A-Cool LLC
16006Power Electronics International, Inc.
11598POWER-GEN International
12586Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
11764Precision Auto Care Inc.
11971Precision Brand Products Inc.
16489Precision Machine Company, Inc
12425Precision Panelized Products
16500Preferred Popcorn LLC
16087Premia Nail
11823Prenatal Cradle
12218Presidio Paper Co.
16114Prestige Packaging, Inc
12013Prime Life Fibers
16683Prime Photonics
11688Prime-Air Blowers
11668Princeton Consulting
11950Pro-Weld International
16534Process Technologies, Inc.
16684ProChem Incorporated
12214Professional Business Brokers Inc.
16759Progressive Environmental LLC
16562Progressive Industries, Inc.
11884Progressive Vision Consulting Services
11082Protective Products International
11734Prozone Pool Products
12573PTR Baler & Compactor Company
12262Pump Equipment Inc.
12315Pure Aqua Inc.
11089Purebred Company
12448Pyramid Technologies
11098Q S Control Corp.
11094QMI International
11096Qorpak, div. of All-Pak Inc.
16729Quality Valves
12416Quixote Transportation Technologies
16662R. Murphy Company, Inc.
16709RAD Radiology Planning
11112Rainbow Play Systems International
16688Rainbow Tape
16753Rapidbuilding™ Systems
12358Razor Gator
12398Re-Bath LLC
16116Re-Deck Systems
11739Reading Consumer Products
11659Ready Plastic Products LLC
16617Reamco Inc.
11117Recreatives Industries Inc.
16579Red Wing International
16785ReDeckIt® llc
16068Reel Wings Decoy Co. Inc.
11123Reel-O-Matic Systems Inc.
11125Regal Pet Foods
11126Regent Labs Inc.
11127Reinke Irrigation
16744Rejuvi Laboratory Inc.
16630Reliability Center Inc.
12259ReliaGene Technologies Inc.
16567Reliant Water Technologies
16452Renue Systems
16112Replex Plastics
16527Rescue ONE Boats
16049resqme, Inc.
16651Restorative Medical, Inc.
16754Rief Design&Manufacturing, L.L.C.
11826Rio Vista Products
16518Riverdale Mills Corporation
11917Roaring Brook Consultants Inc.
16506Roberts Seed, Inc.
16725Robinson Pharma®, Inc.
16231Rock Hog Drilling Products
11142Rocket Man Equipment Company
16125Rockland Manufacturing
12148Roll-A-Ramp / DT & J Inc.
12049RonCon Smith Enterprises Inc.
11149Rostra Precision Controls Inc.
16425Roto-Mix LLC
12160Royal Manufacturing Inc.
12327Rushing Walker Consulting
16469Ryder Vehicle Sales
11894S & S Hinge Co.
16390Sabai Technology, LLC
11965Saf-T-Gard International
12266Safety Source International
12527Sagrav International, Inc.
11834Salinas Enterprises Inc.
11783Sam's Club
11733Samuel Shapiro & Co.
16409Sand Creek Post & Beam
16507Sandhill Plastics, Inc.
16706Santa Barbara Botanicals
12310SAS R & D Services
12153Save Darfur Coalition
11503Scandinavian Formulas Inc.
16100Scar Heal Inc.
16203Schneider National
12105Schonstedt Instrument Company
16529Schreiber LLC
11997Scienco/FAST Division, Bio-Microbics, Inc.
16400Scott’s Food Products
11189Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc./ Supco
16530Search Office Space
11691Sechrist Industries Inc.
12581SecureUSA, Inc.
12044Security Equipment Corp.
11690Security Industry Association (ISC Expo)
11780Security Pro USA
16701SeeCoast Manufacturing Company, Inc.
16598SeneGence International
12055Sentinel Lubricants Corp.
12417Serola Biomechanics
12397Service Pump & Supply Inc.
11203SFR Corporation
12048SGS North America Inc.
16168Shane Company
11207Sheffield Laboratories
12572Shelter Structures, Inc.
16132Sherman Consulting, LLC
12264ShopNet Plus LLC / Mozart International 888
16184Sidel Systems Inc.
11799Sign-A-Rama / World Franchisors
12191Simmons Tool
12447Simonds Inc.
16693Sinkits MS LLC
11219Sioux Corporation
16136Skyjacker Suspension
16450Slate Select, Inc.
12384SMG Valves a Unit of Southern Mfg.
12354Smoovshave International
10360Sno Biz / Crystal Fresh Inc.
12459SodaBlast Systems
16359SOHO Network Solutions
16790Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.
11928Solar Outdoor Lighting
11227SOLI, Inc.
16636Somax Sports Corporation
16581Sonoma Syrup Co.
16714Soothing Scents
16593South Coast Solar
16716Southern Shutter Company
16613Southern Weaving Company
11628Southland Printing Company, Inc.
11286Southwestern Petroleum Corporation
16569Spa Moksha
16067SpaceAge Synthetics
15958Spancrete Machinery Corporation
16612SPARX Welding & Technology Institute
11240Specialty Concrete Products
16044Specialty Exports
11789Specialty Fabrics Expo and Advanced Textiles Conference&Trade Show
12020Spectra Chrome LLC
12561Spectra Colors Corp.
12488Spin Screed
12351Sprayroq Inc.
16195Spring Health Products
12520Springboard Biodiesel
11898Stainless Valve Co.
11252Stampcrete® International
16712Standard Equipment Co., Inc., Marine and Industrial Closure Division
12071Standard Marketing
11800STANMAR Laboratories
16282Star Building Systems
10307Star-A-Liner / CJJ Inc.
12182State of Connecticut
16064Sterling Fitness Equipment
16633StormChamber (HydroLogic Solutions Inc.)
11872Straight Arrow Products
16227Strategic Leadership
16730Structural Wood
16367Suarez Corporation Industries
12012Success In A Global Economy
16769Summit Industrial Products
12387Sun & Soil LLC
16344SUNRNR of Virginia
11989Sunset Electronics Inc.
11908Sunset Health Products Inc.
16604Sunshine Industries USA
11918Super Glue Corporation
11271Super Radiator Coils
16086Superior Electric
12298Superior Manufacturing Div. of Magnatech Corp.
16419Superior Manufacturing LLC
16627Superior Play Systems
12414Superlex Premium Power Batteries
11773Supreme Products, Inc.
12523Surebond, Inc.
12439Surell Accessories
16787Surf City Garage
16710Surplus on the NET
16591Survivor Industries, Inc.
16522Susan Brown’s Baby
11907SWD Urethane Co.
12268Sweetlake Chemicals
16692SWEPCO Lubricants
16101Synco Chemical Corporation
11292Synthetic Surfaces Inc.
12594T-Global Inc.
11294T.A.L. Tech Co.
11296T.J. Clark & Co.
16322T.R.A.-MAGE, Inc.
11728TAB Boards International, Inc.
12150Tape-Rite Co. Inc.
16182Tasty image
16768Tattoo Manufacturing
12261Tech-Sales, Inc.
16618Technology Associates, Inc.
16779Technology International
11904Tecnoban Inc.
11309Tectrad Inc.
12457Tee Time Sports
12587Telular Corporation
16583Tempico Manufacturing, Inc.
16080Terawet Ventures, Inc.
12494TerraTrack All-Terrain Work Vehicles
12577Test Equipment Connection
11754Texan Nut Sheller Co.
16405Textured Coatings of America Inc.
16659The Alternative Board
12076The APH Group Inc.
11803The Bilco Company
16590The Blessed Trader & California Gourmet Trading
11316The Coburn Company Inc.
12435The Energy Group
11831The Entrepreneur's Source
16490The Freemont Company
16491The Fremont Company
16185The Nealey Company
11332The Original Products Company, LLC
12135The Republic Group
12410The SHOT Show
12375The Webb Law Firm
12099The Wire Association International Inc.
12477Therma-Cote, Inc.
16377Thermcraft, Inc.
16645Thermex Thermatron, LP
16181Thermoil Inc./Battery De-Mister LLC
11345Thomas C. Wilson, Inc.
11346Thomas Pump & Machinery, Inc.
16085Thompson Immigration Law Associates
16649TIBA International
15953Tiger General, Inc.
16660Tire Lyna USA
16071Titan Machinery
16459Tomlinson Industries
11355Tommy Tape Inc.
16397Top 1 Oil Products Company
16131Top of the World Distributors
11357Topaz, Inc.
12213Topps Products, Inc.
12085Total Transportation Concept Inc.
16325TPG Traders
12103Trade Show Training
11687Trans Com International
11649Trans-Express Inc.
11929Transene Co.
16592Transfer Point, Inc.
16121Transmotion Med
12582TransMotion Medical
12081Transpo Industries Inc.
11999TransWest Investigations Inc.
16539Traxx Parts and Equipment
16031Treatment Products Ltd.
16284Tri-Tech Forensics
16685Trident Star Global
16622Trigon Associates, llc
16634Trunutrition Sciences
16439Trusty-Step International
12305TruTurn Business Solutions LLC
16667Tryall Inc.
11388TTI Medical
16293TTS Brands
11389Tucker Manufacturing Co. Inc.
11748Turf Equipment Source
12570U-C Coatings Corporation
12272U.S. Department of Commerce / ITA
16793U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration
11889U.S. Energy Conservation Corp.
11938U.S. Fund for UNICEF
12042U.S. Medlink
16755U.S. Motorlube Lubricants
11657U.S. Poultry & Egg Association
16039U.S. Safety
12370UHY LLP
16236Ultimate Trade
11892Unicast Development Co.
11399Unicen Industries
12157Unipack Inc.
12284Unique Vending Carts LLC
11870United Aluminum
11856United Coatings
12430United Electric Controls
16520United Franchise Group
11785United Nations Foundation
12083United-Tech Inc.
12493Universal Die Cast, Inc.
11845Universal Laser Systems
12338UOGP Ltd.
11822US Global Mail Inc.
16279US Hose Corp
12541USA Sales Consulting
12015USA Sport & Health
16404USA Trading
16620V-Labs, Inc.
16371V. Wright & Associates
12018Vacuum Instruments
11417Vacuum Research LTD.
16531Valley Rubber
16013Valmont Irrigation
16275VARNA Products
12075Vaughan Furniture Company
16453Viking Spas, Inc.
16664Virginia Economic Development Partnership
11777Virginia Golf Cars Inc.
11434Visibility Systems
12053Vision Logistics / International Transdermals
16053Vitamec USA Inc. (TRQ)
16090Vitamec USA, Inc. Baby Tumee
16089Vogue Tyre
11438Vortex Sprayliners
16623Vortex Sprayliners
16624Vortex Sprayliners
16610VTRAC Automotive
16731Waltham Clocks
11446Warren Distribution/Mag 1 USA
16525Warren Light Craft
11560Waste Expo
10109Water Anywhere
11447Water Business USA
11893Water Security Corporation
11448Water Ventures
12431WaterWear Inc.
12538WeatherTech® Automotive Accessories
12328Welch / Playtribe
10769West Coast Chain Mfg. Co./KEY-BAK
12226West Coast Trading Inc.
12278West Sanitation Services, Inc.
11521Westech Building Products
12118Western Forms Inc.
12292WFI Global
16372Wheeling Corrugating
11462Wheelock Inc.
16653Whip Mix Corporation
16658WhirlyBird Solutions, LLC
16135White Swan
12295Whitney National Bank
16098Whole Earth Essentials LLC
16687Wholesome Energy
16259Wild Alaska Salmon Direct, LLC.
16395Wilson Marsh
12331Wing May
16727Wings Aviation Products
16215WirthCo Battery Doctor
16229WirthCo Funnel King
16014Wisconsin Metalworking Machinery
16059Wooster Products, Inc
16596World Business Market, LLC
11794World Market Center
11842World of Concrete Show
12281World Trade Center of New Orleans
12025World Trade Press
12030World Wide Walkie Talkie
16648Worldwide Power Products, LLC
16777215Worldwide Steel Buildings
16698Worldwide Steel Buildings
16310Worthington Construction Group
11885Wright Timber
16065WTF Formwork
12074Xcel Controls Inc.
11737Xenotec Ltd.
12206XM Works Inc.
16413Xodus Medical
12591XPORTS, Inc.
16276Yard World
12190Yarde Metals
11502Zanon USA, Inc.
11492Zap World
16760Zeta Technology Group
12014Zimmer Motor Cars
12524Zirconmania, Inc.
11887ZMI/Portec Chemical Processing Group
11499Zoeller Company
11873Zoulla Inc.
11682Zynsonic International
11287EarthWerks Swiff-Train Company
10505First Priority Emergency Vehicles
10578Gold Touch Inc.
11871Luster Products
11129Rejuvi Laboratory USA
16799Rejuvi Laboratory USA
10825The Original Log Cabin Homes Ltd.
11386Trusty-Step International

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