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What is Export USA?

Export USA is the official export promotion magazine of the USA. It is published bi-monthly by ThinkGlobal Incorporated. The magazine does not receive any federal funding and operates entirely on revenue generated from print and online publishing.

How long has the magazine been published?

Export USA was launched in 1978 by the U.S. Commercial Service. It was privatized in 1997, and is now published by ThinkGlobal Inc.

Who reads Export USA?

Export USA is distributed directly to overseas buyers, representatives, distributors, government sourcing and purchasing agencies, government officials and potential joint venture partners.

What is the magazine's circulation?

The magazine reaches 250,000 readers in 178 countries worldwide in print and online.

Is Export USA available online?

Yes, the magazine is published in html and pdf formats. It is online at www.thinkglobal.us

Is the magazine published in other languages besides English?

Special supplements are published online in Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

Does the magazine accept news releases?

No, Export USA is a catalog-style magazine. However, some special sections include "advertorial" articles that enable advertisers to tell readers more about their company, products, and services.

Why should I advertise in Export USA?

Export USA has a proven track record for helping U.S. exporters expand into new markets. Just one ad provides visibility in 178 countries around the world. No other magazine in the world has the market penetration offered by Export USA.

How does Export USA compare with advertising in industry trade publications?

Many industry trade publications reach a very limited international market.
Moreover, reaching a global market requires advertising in multiple industry trade publications and is considerably more expensive than advertising in Export USA.

Does Export USA offer online advertising alternatives?

Export USA provides much more targeted distribution than search word advertising. Leads from Export USA tend to be better qualified than random leads generated from search engine marketing.

How do I learn more about advertising in Export USA or on the Export USA Web site?

Visit the Web site at www.thinkglobal.us or call 1-800-581-8533

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